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Oregon Counter Top Bottle Opener


Oregon Engraved Counter Top Bottle Opener with Catcher.

This is a handmade beer / bottle opener is made from 3/4" pine. The faces of the Bottle Opener are engraved and painted in giving it a truly high quality look. The opener itself is stained with the color of you choosing to give it that stellar finished appearance. *The Bottle Opener is then finished with a clear coat to give it that extra layer of protection.

*Please note that for Natural Wood caddies, no stain/finish/clear coat is used. The engraving will still be painted.

This particular Bottle Opener has a heart engraved for the capital of Oregon.

The opener is designed so it can be placed on a counter, however, you can also mount it to the wall as well with longer screws (longer screws will be provided on request in lieu of the default standard screws).

14" tall x 5 1/2" wide x 5" deep.

If you decide to wall mount it, simply remove the screws used to hold the bottle opener and replace them with 2 inch long screws and drill it into a stud. If you are unable to drill it into a stud, use wall anchors instead.

Each opener will have its own genuine characteristics and no two will look the same. The bottle opener above is a representation of what yours will look like.

****We Accept Custom Orders, Designs, and Logos****
Please check out our other listings for more Bottle Opener options, if you don't see anything that meets your needs please message us and we will work with you to design the perfect bottle opener. In most cases there are no extra fees.

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